Selling 197K MASSIVE IG account

Property type: Instagram Account
Amount of fans/followers: +197K
Country of followers (majority): USA & Brazil
Topic/Niche: Celebrity niche (Justin Bieber + he posted my account) But can be changed
Did you use automation/engagement networks/tricks to build up the activity?: No
Price: Around 3.000€ but the price can be discussed

Description: Account created in 2015 from the ground and grew it up with hard work. You can gain lots of money doing shoutouts (I actually do have partnership with many enterprises so you will enventually get the money back). Can even make around 50$ a week. Growing around 100 - 200 followers a day, around 1.500.000 impressions weekly. I’m going to leave a few screenshots of my stats right along w the insights of one of my lastest post.

Please PM if you are a serious buyer.

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Thank you and good luck with sales!

Can I get premium guys?

PM me the demographics. (screenshot)


It looks like you may have used slight follow/unfollow in the past and your a little under our minimum for the tier-one countries, so I can’t mark this premium. But initially, the account looks pretty good.

I don’t remember using any of those methods since that would bring me inactive followers but I understand. You guys marked me as premium last time I had hope haha. It’s fine

Send me offers!

Still in sale

How much ?

Still in sale

Still in sale!

Hi there, i’m interested can you tell me the name and what the nº of current followers ?

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