Selling 320k of ig accounts

Property type: Instagram
Amount of followers: 320 000 plus
Topic: Womans Fashion

I am selling two large Instagram accounts under the niche of woman fashion

Account 1: 201k followers $4000
Account 2: 132k Followers $3000

Both accounts^^: $6600

Woman fashion is a very popular topic on Instagram. It is top trending most days and attracts a lot of attention, because of this the Instagram accounts grow very fast and attract the attention of smaller fashion companies wanting advertisement and wanting their products on the page. If you pick the right company to have in your bio you can be getting upwards of $300 a month from each account and this isn’t taking into consideration the amount of shoutouts you can sell. This safe investment is an ever growing profitable business and done right can make you a lot of money.

My reason for selling the account is that I am concentrating on bigger accounts now and don’t have the time to run these accounts, these accounts have made me a lot of money and I hope they can do the same for someone else.

If you have and questions please feel free to message me :slight_smile:

Dm insights and handles please

please DM me

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Hi there! Can you please PM me the handle and insights?

Very interested. Thanks!

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After reviewing the prices and a personal situation we have decided to lower the price to £5750 firm for both accounts and add a third account with 48k followers for free (also in fashion niche) this is a bargain!

would like more info on accounts: history, growth method, past revenue, etc. Thanks

Hi Jon1 please DM me for account names, revenue depends on work time, me and my partner put in aboht 2 hours a day dedicated to posts commentinband messaging people, we made aboht $100 a week on shoutouts, $250 per week in revenue from our online store, I also have a connection with the fashion brand Zaful, who pay a set amount per month to have their link in your bio usually about €125 per month per 100k

Ping me the details please

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