Selling 34k Youtube Channel

Country of followers (majority):
Amount of fans/followers: 34k
Topic/Niche: GMV …game music videos
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): no

Description: I want sell my channel cause I lost the motivation to do more videos so instead of letting my channel I want to sell it hoping someone interesting to buy it

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Hi there, can you send me link?

Hi what is the channel url

Send link plZ

url and price please?

I send the URL


PM me the channel URL please.

Holding your own Channel hostage? :smiley:


“Take my payment for this Channel or I will burn this money.”


give me that money and i will release this channel xD

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I’ll give you a sholid $50 in case you get depsarte xdxd

$200 for it?

I offered him $300 but he’s destined to delete it as per his hostage threat/claim.

Maybe that’s his way of negotiating :smiley: He just PM’d me that he is unable to find a buyer, not sure why if you offered him.

Well. Here I did publicly.

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bump !

bump !

bump !

You’re not getting any offers because you’re asking for way too much considering the viewers are all based in the Middle East.

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