Selling 3x God-Tier Weed Handles

Property type: I have 3 IG handles that are all perfect for cannabis
Why is it unique?: These are some of the best names you can find in the weed industry
Prices: $500-$3.5k
Handle 1: 6 letters plural, loosely cannabis, could also be a sad/emo handle. $600.
Handle 2: Best for concentrates. It’s 7 letters plural and a word that everyone uses in the industry, often in company names. $1.5k
Handle 3: This is the rarest handle that is best for a bong account. 5 letters, 1 VERY common English word. Gets 3-5 tags daily. $3.5k

All accounts come with OGE. Prices do not include Swapd fees. Only sending name to verified users, don’t waste my time. Thank you :slight_smile:


pm handles g


great handles

Please DM me the names. Thanks!


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Can you pm handles please