Selling 5 Different pages for $100

Property type: Facebook pages
Amount of fans/followers: League of legends (16000+ targeted likes) Dota 2 (5739 targeted likes) GTA 5 (3337 targeted likes) iPhone 7 (5927 targeted likes) Guild wars 2 (3663 targeted likes)
Country of followers (majority): Look at the screenshots I attached for each page below
Topic/Niche: Gaming and iPhone
Did you use automation/engagement networks/tricks to build up the activity?: No I promoted them manually to gain targeted likes they are real and targeted likes
Price: Selling all for $100

Description: I have never monetized these pages I only monetized guild wars 2 page back in 2013 and was making stable $50 a day I am selling all for just $200 because I dont have time to post content thanks

League of Legends

iPhone 7


Dota 2

Guild wars 2

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If anyone is interested let me know :slight_smile:

Price reduced to $150

$100 for all :slight_smile:

Last price I will sell all these pages for just $60

Let me know if anyone is interested

happy to offer $30?

I will do $50 for all thats the lowest mate

Send me a links.

PM me im intersted

URLs sent in PM

Check PM URL sent

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