SELLING 570k YouTube Page!

Property type: YouTube Channel
Amount of fans/followers: 568,000 subscribers
Country of followers (majority): United States
Topic: Challenges/Reactions/Pranks
Price: looking for 15k


Pretty active channel! Gets around 100-300k views each video!
The reason I’m not selling this for too high of a price is because I am aware that I am the face of the channel. That’s why I chose 15k even though I make more than that monthly off of this channel!
Let me know if you’re interested! Serious buyers only.

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Hi, I’m interested. please send me channel name plz.

Hey can you send your channel name?

would u mind sending me your channel details and link

can you share your channel page via url?

I think it’s time that the seller started stating that this YouTube Channel is only popular because of him. It’s a great YouTube Channel, very active and the very definition of premium. However, it became popular thanks to the main star (the seller). Without him (if he sells), the Channel will die. So, there is a predicament here. The seller rightfully wants a good offer for the activity, but the activity will be gone once he hands over the Channel. I think it’s time to face the facts that you’re better off keeping the Channel, seller. As no one will pay you for something that will die as soon as they buy it.

PM url, insights, and revenue proofs please.
Kind regards.

PM url and insights please, thank you.

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