Selling 5k searches a month NET domain, taken in 13 extensions


Domain name: OnlineEarning(net)
Website included?: no
Price: looking for offers

The keyword “Online Earning” gets 5k searches a month according to EstiBot.
13 extensions are taken including (co) ( (org) (com) & more.


You should just redirect that domain to point to SWAPD and call it a day.


Nah ya’ll suck




Only because you are cute.

Visit the domain.


Excellent. Now I need to share that URL a few times on Facebook and the algos will get it banned :smiley:


Ok I did not think this through


I’m going to sue you


OMG. I didn’t post it man. Crazy how quick FB reacts these days and it’s crazy how much they hate SWAPD.


There’s no problem I think, if he removes the redirect then the domain will be clean again in 1or2 weeks… Even if not, with just an appeal they’ll approve it again…


I know, I’m joking and I couldn’t care less if it’s banned on FB or not lmao


Offtopic. I sent a link out today via messenger to my cousin, it was for the TOR browser official website. Got this in my FB support feed:

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