Selling 700k Innovation / Tech FB Page

Property type: FB Page
Amount of fans/followers: 700k
Country of followers (majority): Iraq, Egypt, Algeria
Topic/Niche: Innovation
Did you use automation/engagement networks/tricks to build up the activity?: No
Price: 2k

Description: This is a innovation/tech facebook page with a fantastic reach. The last posting reached 420k people and counted 40k clicks. The downside of the page are the low tier countries but the attractive niche and the competitive pricing easily make up for this. You pay less than $ 0.003 per like with this offer and you can be sure that you have insanely high engagement with regular viral potential with the right content.

Growth: 3000 per week organically.

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URL, insights and minimum price please

pm me url and info -thanks!

buyer did not buy, price lowered

Hi Please send me link, stats and minimum price.


sent you the info

send me URL and price

I just sent the details to you. Thanks.

adding some insights

url and price please

I have sent you the URL. New stats below:

updated stats :slight_smile:

Last post: 12k clicks

The page clearly has some viral potential. 420k reach of a single post, 40k clicks. very few negative feedback.

Grab this opportunity!

Please pm link, I’m interested.

done. The page is still available, decreased price.

This property is already sold!
Thank you for listing SWAPD