Selling 718K DJ/Musician Page incl. copyrights

Country of followers (majority): Indonesia, India
Amount of followers: 718k
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks):
organic, facebook ads
Description: Duo money need I’m selling my official musician/DJ artist page with over 718K follower!! This page is the official page of DJ “Michael Enyo Carey” (formerly known as “Enyo” in the edm scene and supported by Tiesto, Hardwell, W&W and many many more!!)

I am honest with you. Since this is the official artistpage i wouldn’t sell normally under 800 USD but since there is a rename block on the page and the reach isn’t that big i sell it for 450 USD right now or best offer!!

With the official artistpage also comes the copyright to use Michael Enyo Carey and Enyo songs lifetime long and use the page to your profit!!

Here are some screenshots from insights:


I’m ready to sell this page incl the musician copyrights (NOTE: not the brand/trademark, only copyrights to have rights to upload!!) of Michael Enyo Carey and Enyo, so you can use all michael enyo carey (enyo) content also commercially (monetizing)…

I’m ready to sell to the first buyer who offers 450 USD for this with payment method PayPal or BTC.

Thank you!

bump!! still for sale

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