Selling 855k youtube (172k subs & 40m views THIS MONTH ALONE) - PERFECT FOR TOP 10 CHANNELS

Property type: Youtube
Amount of fans/followers: 855k
Country of followers (majority): USA
Topic: FANPAGE for a group of famous youtubers
Price: im looking for offers. (don’t low ball or i’ll ignore, this channel has potential to make 20k + a month if you have time to research trends and upload the right content daily.)

Description: This channel has seen consistant growth since I started it last year on March 6th, 2016. It has a total of around 250m views, but only displays 100m because I have removed the videos that were not contributing to sub growth or videos that were making me very little money. Am currently gaining 4k+ subs a day and If i stopped uploading, would continue to see 1k+ subs per day for about a month or two.

We also do 24/7 live streams that average around 600 concurrent viewers on bad days, 1200 on decent days, and around 2-3k average viewers on good days.

If you continue with our channel name and upload videos similar to ours, This channel can make you 20 grand per month if you put in the time. And in December could x3 or x5 that money with the ad revenue being so high because of the holiday.

My channel is also the perfect page to convert to a Top 5 or Top 10 channel on youtube. (THESE PAGES ARE HOT)



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Please share channel url and details via pm…

Hi there. Can you send the URL?


PM me

Can you send me the account name?

Hi there, url please

I PM’d you.

Could you send the URL?

Can you send details through?

How much you guys looking for?

Please send me your channel so I can see if it currently matches the niche we are already in. If so I already have a bunch of videos to load and would be a cake walk on our end. Also please provide what price range you are thinking

Please PM me the channel URL.

Please PM details. Thank you.

PM me more info and a link as well. Thanks!

could you PM the link, I’m interested

Ping me the details please

Please send me YouTube account URL.

Please send Channel URL + any insights or demographics you have