Selling active Fortnite Youtube 40k + Subs

Amount of subscribers: 40k
Country of subscribers (majority): TOP USA
Topic/Niche: Gaming / fortnite
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): All organic

Description: Selling Fortnite youtube account. Its Top USA. all subs came from suggested videos. organic growth. Selling it because I want to start a vlog channel instead.

Could you PM me the name please?

in case anyone still interested

Plz share channel URL and screenshots of subscribers geography and last three months analytics.

Link please

Link to my mail please:

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Please upload the following screenshots (by editing your original post):

  1. Viewership (life time)
  2. Subscriber geo-location (lifetime)
  3. Earnings (lifetime) - If any.

Please make sure you cover the channel name in the screenshots.

Thank you.

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PM once uploaded content requested by swapd

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please pm link

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