Selling already developed android games

Service type: Get into the games business. Profit through ads or premium membership
Price: Depends on the game from $1000

Description: You get the whole game and it’s source code , we can also customize it by changing the name or changing design

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Can you show me types of games and how you’re monetizing?

With google admob.

One of the games is jump ball tower on the Google play store. check it out here

I am also selling all 20 games if anyone wants to grab them all for a huge discount

interested can you share more details. like monthly revenues that you are making

Interested in the games but need more info to give you my offer

@Ggee Send me more info…

Send the game names mate

Hello can I have more info please? Revenues expenses etc. Thank you

Ive got someone looking for apps. Can you provide DAUs/MAUs, revenue etc?

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