Selling big 594k tiktok account at reasonable price

Country of followers (majority): mixed
Amount of fans/followers: 594k
Topic/Niche: Japanese drama/Kakegurui content
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): organic

Description: tta with 594K FFS & 24M LIKES .


— Ph based (44%)
— Mostly female audience (84.6%)
— Organic followers (not boosted)
— Japanese drama/Kakegurui content
— Can do live (eligible for live studio)
— Can change all details
— Can bind your access (email & num)
— Can on 2-Factor Access
— Active and super fast gaining
— With high engagements
— Has A LOT of videos that reached Millions of views & likes
— With 2 history of violations (18-27 weeks old, doesn’t affect the account)
— No any other issues
— With TikTok Shop
— Can send & receive gifts
— Has pin and promote button (eligible for monetization & can run ads)
— Good for any purposes; personal or business use
— Ready to transfer

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Thé price ?

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Check DM