Selling Digital PR Agency specializing in Music and Tech news. Comes with all socials, partnerships, and sales methods. (Cheap)

Business Type: Music and Tech news Digital PR Agency
Price: Best offer DM please

Description: I am selling my Digital PR Agency that I started last year of Jan 2023 because I now have too many other things to focus on. Through out the one year of operation, I have generated 15.1k USD in revenue with around 50-60% profit margins (have proof). This was all done part time just putting in 1-2 hours a day as I was also working a full time job so if you really put in some time you have the potential to earn way more especially since everything is built out. (all you have to do is generate potential business).

I have not spent any money on marketing so if you start doing paid ad, you will be able to gain a lot more inbound leads.

What you get:

  1. Access to all of our current clients and potential warm leads that will be needing more PR soon.
  2. All socials (website, IG).
  3. All of my sales and outreach/pipeline generation methods. (who to target and how to target them)
  4. Call, email, DM templates, and my workflow.
  5. Contract templates. Pricing templates.
  6. Optional hand holding until you optimize your workflow.

All you really need for success with this PR Agency is consistency and you will 10x the money I’ve made so far, which is why I can no longer run this business.

Payment method: Crypto



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$15K annual revenue?


Yes, all part time with about 9200$ profit.

Send info


Send me more details in dms

Can j send handle and price pls

I just sent you a PM for more details.

Please send info