Selling Email Lists & Data Leads ( Niche emails ) 40$ per 750 [High Quality Premium Valid Emails]

Type of leads: Emails only.
Price: 40$ per 750 valid emails.
I can give more information for extra price please pm exactly what you need.

I can sell niche emails. For example, if you need gaming emails I can sell only gaming emails. If you need marketing I can sell marketing, Most of the niches are available, reply in the thread or contact me before for more information.

All Niche Emails will be genuine and interested in your desired niche.

Discounts are only above 10k emails.
Minimum order 160$

Price will keep increasing for maintaining the quality of the leads.



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Any music ones?

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Where have you got these emails from?

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I have a database (30k+ emails) of DJs around the world.

Price Increased to maintain the value of the leads - High-quality leads for all niches - Obtained through ( Newsletter, campaigns, and other private methods ) Only valid leads. I can get them via Email only, if you want extra information, I will charge extra, pm me what exactly you need. Discounts on big orders

I’m open to trying, but how can I verify that your “private methods” are not from hacked or leaked databases?

Not sure about this, but they are nothing related to hacking/or leaked. Rest assured of this, this is 100% manual and for some niches is not instant.

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