Selling MAJOR spotify networks - 725,000 followers of playlists

Account type: Spotify Playlists
Price: looking for $15k OBO

Description: I have 725,000 followers of playlists. I have some screenshots I have taken a little while back, when chartmetric offered monthly listener stats. This is across 4 different networks, and spans across many genres. Pop, hip hop, current hits, EDM, indie, etc. Serious inquiries only, I am tired of managing lists and emails. Comes with original emails/clients.

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dm please.

Handle please

Handles please

bumping this if that’s allowed - willing to sell individual accounts

please dm links, very interested

Hey, interested but want to know the monthly revenue of yours. Also would like to add any of my track and see how many streams you can generate. And can you provide me the links please?

Links and more info please, very interested

Links please, highly interested individual here.

Still for sale? Pm info please

Hey, super interested. Please message me with a list of remaining available playlists.

I am currently OOO. Perhaps @Goofy can look into it or lazy @Posad.

Spotify is on fire and $15K is actually cheap! GLWS!

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Please DM with remain handles and asking price.

Potentially interested for one of my clients/partners - can you please PM with more info on the playlists?

Links plz

Hey could you hit me with the links?

What is monthly revenue from the “clients”?

Please dm links

DM me as well. Could be interested in individual playlists.