Property type: Instagram
Amount of fans/followers: 512,000+
Topic: Sports, Memes

Account 1: 19k followers - $120
Account 2: 37k followers - $400
Account 3: 242k followers - [SOLD]
Account 4: 50k followers - $400
Account 5: 63k followers - $500
Account 6: 101k followers - [SOLD]

Currently run an Instagram media company and I’m trying to clear up my portfolio by getting rid of some of my older accounts. These accounts have generated tons of revenue for my business and have the potential to bring in even more money through ecommerce, affiliate marketing, masterminds, etc. But these can be flipped for a lot more to the right person, or turned into a very sustainable business, producing short form branded content for companies and distributing it through the network of accounts.

Can you pm me the details, analytics and demographics of the football soccer page. very interested

PM details

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Could you PM me the URL? Are premium countries over 50%?

I would like The 20K account start out at $50

Hi lol I cant believe I remember this but I think we talked before lol pls pm me the memes account - and wondering if you have more models/individual/art accounts type…

Lowered the prices, send me your offers asap!

can you send me the urls? thanks

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