Selling Monetized USA Youtube Channel $5k Lifetime PASSIVE INCOME!

Amount of subscribers: 6,711
Country of subscribers (majority): United States of America
Topic/Niche: Gaming
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): Organic

Description: This channel is a great channel. Channel is fully monetized, all content is 100% original and has never had a single copyright strike. Channel has made over $2.41k in the last year without ANY new uploads, income can be very passive if you choose to go that route. If new content is uploaded that number could easily increase drastically. Channel will be easy to rebrand as no personal presence has ever been introduced, only gameplay has been posted.

NOTE : Serious offers only. BTC is the ONLY payment method I will accept! Please keep in mind channel made $2.41k this last year without any posts since 2018. I will be looking for a fair offer somewhere in that range. Please feel free to send any reasonable offer or ask any questions!

Send me a PM for the channel URL.
All Screenshots have been uploaded below:




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link please

This isn’t allowed as it has under 20k subscribers

The channel is monetized, so it is allowed.

PM me the link please!

link please


Im interested to buy your channel for 150$

link please

Link please and also asking price Pm me

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May you please send me the link to your channel.


Link please. Thank you

url please and the final price.

URL and top bid please, very interested

PM’d. Thanks

Link please.