Selling NFT/Crypto News Site ($200p/m) + 20k Active Twitter Page + 500 Member Crypto/NFT Facebook Group

Started an NFT/Crypto news site in early March 2021.
I’ve spent over $1,000+ on the site (SEO, Website Design, Content , Graphics etc)

What you will get with this purchase:

  • Full domain, website & files (complete ownership 100%).
  • The social media handles (20k Twitter Page & Active Facebook group).

The site makes money through adverts/affiliate & crypto/NFT promotion. I earn $200 per month from this currently. See below for traffic:

Please message me if you’ve any questions or like to know more about the site. I’m selling due to having a lack of time & my wife having a new born child.


Hey, Send me url of all social media properties

info please


Hi, I am interested I will buy now just send me the link and what payment type you would require, And if you have any best offers please let me know thanks