Selling Premium 224k (WAS`198k FOLLOWERS WHEN LISTED) Top Active Audience with over 100 million video views & over 50k new likes in last 28 days!

Link and price plz

Link and best offer so far

Please send link and your price

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PM - Link and price, please. Thank you!

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can pm me link n price ?

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Can you send me the link and best offer plz

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I want to buy please pm me link

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PMed everyone!

Pm link and price please


Send me link and price please

UPDATE: The page now has over 223k Followers! Still a SUPER active page with some incredible stats!

Last 7 days…

How much are you looking for?

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link and price please?

PMed everyone!

Just thought I’d also show ad break insights. I haven’t actually tested any proper pieces yet, but just wanted to show it’s earning & of course is still ad eligible :slight_smile:

More proof it survived the FB purge:

My first post, and I was recommended here and you’re the reason why. I’d like to know the price please!

Highly appreciate it!

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Pm me link and price very interested!

link plz

PMing more of you guys now!

Still open to offers :+1: