Selling TOP USA Fortnite page

Country of followers (majority): USA
Amount of followers: 30.79k
Topic/Niche: Fortnite
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic. from the Explorer feed thanks to Fortnite being viral.

Description: All of the posts gets 10k+ reach. pm me for the link. Only serious offers, please.

You can check it for AUDIT, I don’t mind, I just wrote it here bc I don’t know how it works

send username, thanks

Link please n price

Best offer is 700$ so far

sell it asap if that’s true :joy:

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I had a lot of offers of 500-600$ as well, I won’t sell it for 700$, I prefer keeping it.
But thanks for your very informative and helpful comment, Comfy.

jokes aside, everything fortnite related is gold right now, cheers and gl with your sale.

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im willing to go more than 750

send username please!

Are you up for a paid share?

send over url?

Yes, pm me

Decided to keep the account for sale. it have 30.8k right now.

Best offer is still 700$. I’ll sell it for 700$ in 48 hours if I don’t get any higher offers.

Send me the url and insights

I’m buying all fortnite related youtube channels facebook pages and groups please let me know thanks

Still available, the one who offered 700$ ( other website ) told me he bought quite similar page for 650 already… so I’m selling mine for 600.
hit me up if interested

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Dm me the url please


Bump -
Just letting you know. I’m not going lower than 600$
if you’re interested to purchase this for 600, hit me up.