Selling TW Account With 37K Followers & Strong Reach

Property type: Twitter
Amount of fans/followers: 37,200
Country of followers (majority): United States (but traffic comes from all over)
Topic: Mature Audiences
Price: $20K

Description: The page is a strong profile that has grown in terms of impressions over the last 3 months & in September, the site had its biggest month with 9 million impressions. Site is pretty much all video, and extremely active with over 255,000 minutes viewed in the last month. Excellent growth potential. Looking to sell to move to bigger project. Full screenshots available.

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Thank you and good luck with sales!

Just my two cents, 20k for an adult Twitter account that is below 50k is impossible. Normally, accounts of your size and niche sell for 150-300 USD. 9m impressions on Twitter is just OK, these days you need 50m+ impressions to be considered active.

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Agreed, can’t see the justification on this valuation.

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That’s an outrageous price, you’d be lucky to get a couple hundred. (Speaking out of experience, not trying to be rude)

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good luck with getting 20k not worth $xxx for this i have more followers sorry this is a joke of a price !!!

Nobody is going spend 20k on a small account like that

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