Selling Two Instagram Accounts 700k Combined Following

Property type: 2 Active Instagram accounts.
Amount of fans/followers: 700K combined
Country of followers (majority): United states + United Kingdom
Topic: Womens lifestyle, Fashion, Memes.
Price: £4,500


I am selling two strong Instagram pages, both based within the same sort of topics (Allowing for interaction and easy management between the two).

Purchased the pages a year ago, and made around £1200 a month off promoting fashion pages and girly teen products (will provide all the contacts for the buyer to do the same).

I Became complacent and ended up not really posting for 6 months or so the number of likes has dropped for both pages.

Account 1 = 104K followers

After starting to repost over the last couple of weeks it is clear the average likes have dropped from around 4-8k to 2.5-4k. This is due to a mixture of not posting and also that fact i keep posting average content (I don’t really know the teen market)

Still a very good account and has a great engagement and reach. This page has very premium follower! With all top locations being the main USA and UK cities.

Account 2 = 600k followers

Account 2 has seen a reduction from 6-10k to 2.5-4k likes. This is mainly due to me not posting the correct content again and obviously having a 6month break!

The account still has a good name, achieves a good amount of reach and has followers in premium countries. The reach is there… you just need the correct content.


If someone puts in a bit of effort and posts good content, joins a few engagement groups (not currently in any) they can really get these back to where they were and add a lot of value to them.

Let me know if you would like to see any insights!

Thank you in advance.

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PM me deatils

Details Sent, Thank you

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