Selling USA Verified TikTok Shops

Service type: USA Verified Tiktok Shops
Price: $1250

Description: Are you outside of the US but want to sell on TikTok Shop? Look no further! Our TikTok shops are fully verified and will allow you to sell even outside of the USA. Just place an order, connect your bank account and happy selling!

@Theecomguy Hi! Accounts come with subs?

No. They don’t come w followers

when you connect can it be a Canadian bank account?

It can be wise

Interested, can you please PM me with details? How long does it take to setup?

Any previous clients managed to make withdrawals work? Asking because the bank info won’t match the “registered” TT shop company name…

Interested, can you show me examples of shops that are working and can we connect it to our Shopify store

Interested - are you still selling US Tik Tok Shop accounts?