Selling Website with 1 billion page views making 5k USD per month along with 2 fb pages (200k & 20k)

Domain name:
Website included?: Yes, website along with 800 unique articles.
Price: 20,000

Description: Hi, I am selling this site because i want funds for new other project.
This is site is well setup and already generating revenue via google adsense and revcontent. We have huge amount of traffic via social media ads.
This sale include:

  1. Domain and website.
  2. 700-800 unique articles.
  3. Premium theme with premium plugins.
  4. Facebook pages 200k & 20k approx likes
    URL: Removed(don’t publish URLs in topic.)
  5. Strategy for traffic generation from fb ads.

Here is Revenue proof video and P &L statement.

Since the website content is largely build on pictures, may i ask where the pictures are from?

Hi, Pictures are from different source such as google, reddit or any other content site.
We have DMCA option but didn’t received any notice.


still available? and if so could you consider lowering the price since it hasn’t sold?

Hello sure.

How do you turn 10 million page views in 4 months= 2,5 a month into 1 billion as in the title, and $ 2K profit into 5?

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