Service closed - no longer safe


Service type: Facebook Page Rename

200$ for Normal Page Rename
300$ for Blocked Page Rename
Double for Pages with more than 1m likes

Hello everyone, This is unique service. I can rename your page no matter if your page has a restriction on it like if Your page has a restriction that your page can’t be renamed again I can rename that page too. If you’re interested please dm me with details.


After this service is confirmed by @swapd, how does the payment process work?


I can verify that this user performed BOTH of these today successfully.
I was pretty amazed to see he changed a name of a page (into something totally different) that had a name change ban

I recommend that you add a page owner before allowing this person onto your page, as he needs admin to perform the service.


You can ask the Swapd team for confirmation of my service. Payment process will be through Swapd Checkout System. If you’re interested pm me.


Sorry to ask this newbie question, but others may have the same problem. I am not aware that there is a role that is called “Page owner”. How do I set that up? Your help is very much appreciated.


Only Admin of a page can change it’s name so you’ll have to give admin access on page so it’ll make me do my process of renaming page. You can set your business manager on it for security.


Yes, you need to create a Facebook Business account and claim the page under it. That will make you a page owner, who is unremovable by regular admins.




Thank you very much @Swapd and @Gilly. I will get for sure about a name change :slight_smile:


So one stupid question here… What we can get with rename of blocked page?


Hi can you please DM as I have a few pages I would like to rename…thanks!


I think he is saying that even if your page is blocked from a name change, he can still change the name, for a fee.


Check DM @gilly need a page name changed


Of course, sorry I understood it wrong.




Another page renamed. This guy is good!


This guy is crazy good and fast! Lots of successful tickets.


Thanks @Swapd <3


i pm you about you service and im waiting you reply


Okay, Sure.