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How do I know if I’m shadowbanned?
Check if you’re shadowbanned by going to Settings > Account Status. A red “What can’t be recommended” indicates a shadowban. Symptoms include a drastic drop in reach and engagement, invisibility to non-followers, and difficulty in appearing in searches.

Are there any risks?
No. All actions are safely executed with direct assistance from a Meta Representative.

Will you need to delete or change any of my content?
If IG Support flags any content or highlights pending strikes, we’ll need to remove specific posts to reinstate your account and resolve the shadowban. Rest assured, you’ll be informed before any content is deleted. Additionally, minor tweaks to your profile, including your profile picture, bio, or bio link, are essential for optimal account presentation prior to Meta’s review.

What if the shadow-ban comes back?
After lifting your shadowban, I’ll provide you with precise guidelines to ensure it doesn’t happen again. If you follow these steps and a shadowban still reoccurs, I’ll remove it again at no extra charge. However, if the shadowban returns due to non-adherence to these guidelines, I cannot offer further complimentary assistance.

Is the service guaranteed? What results can I expect?
Yes, it’s 100% guaranteed. Post-service, your “What Can’t Be Recommended” status will turn green, indicating your content’s eligibility for recommendation. and a successful shadowban removal.

Shadowban Removal Rate

:moneybag: Price: Starting at 999$ + Fees

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Turn around time?

1-7D usually within 72hrs

Available for facebook red pages?

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need access for facebook page :white_check_mark:

Which level access and how much time?

Do hit pm regarding this

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