Shares on 1Mil Follower Premium Page


To start, I am only selling 5 per week, I don’t want to turn it into a spam page to ensure good quality.

I will be doing post shares to a 1.3 million follower page.

Niche: videos

Price : $49.99 negotiable for bulk purchasing

DM for link or questions, will only deal with ID verified members.

No checkout needed for an influence deal since I am VIP, payments will be done PayPal or transferwise only

Here are some insights


I will need this service , but let me ask , is your page top male or female followers?


Do you share youtube videos please dm page


Hi, can you send me demographic of the page?


We will only share something from Facebook, so if you post your YouTube video link, send us the Facebook URL to that post and we’ll share that


Send me link and demographic please!


send page link & demographic pls :slightly_smiling_face:


thread updated with more insights

DM for page URL


I would like to remind all potential buyers that as @bobemedia is a VIP member you do not need to proceed via a checkout ticket to purchase influence deals from him.

You can read the official statement regarding influence deals here: Influence Deals


Thanks babe <3


Marked as Verified! 1 share done successfully so far (not via a checkout ticket).


Pm link please


only doing 1 more for the next 4-5 days, i don’t want to overdo it so im limiting 3-4 per week.


3 successful shares done, 3 happy clients

like i said only doing 3-4 per week so will take 1 more in the next few days. Feel free to contact me with any questions


Inbox Please.


Hi just to share my experiance with this.

  1. He didn’t tell me that paid post will be hidden from timeline.
  2. Since page have more than 1 000 000 views, getting 5 000 views until now is really funny for that price(even he gave my for 75$). I did this kind of service before, so I know what I am talking about.

If there is any bigger changes I will update this, but I am sure that will stay same.



a share is unpredictable, send me a screen shot of your insights and i can fix something for you DM me. i can’t force my followers to share a post, the only thing i can do is share it and who sees it sees it and its up to them to continue sharing


Page Link Please


hi could you send page link please? thanks


DM me link page and niches