Shopify payments verification

Hi, I’m currently dealing with a unique situation. My client, who is 17, is trying to set up Shopify payments to be able to receive them from his Shopify store.

The problem is, he does have a permission for entrepreneurship from the Czech Republic government below the age 18, but Shopify’s settings do not allow to set a DOB below 18.

Their support is slow, and I need this resolved today. I either need a different person who will submit their ID (older than 18), or someone with direct contact to a rep which can boost the response time.

Again, I need this done today. It’s urgent. If anyone is willing to help, PM me please.


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Let discuss it, I can get it done for you

Bro got suspended before I could even see his message :sob::pray:

Hello there! Your urgency caught my eye. Dealing with Shopify’s age restriction hurdle for your client sounds like a challenge, but I’m up for it. I have experience navigating tricky situations like this and can help expedite the process. Let’s work together to find a solution and get your client set up to receive payments ASAP. Feel free to PM me to discuss further!

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Id the project still available