Shopify Store+ IG account 4k followers


Domain name: Electronic Gadgets
Website included?: Yes
Price: 1200

Description: It’s a general store with electronic gadgets, drones. I opened 1.5 months ago and i work of his design one month. Now i started another projects and i don’t have so much time for this store. I maked in one month 666.82$ 40% netprofit.
PM if you are intrested!


How did you advertise it? Like did you pay for FB ads?


Yes, I paid for FB ads and worked also with instagram influencers.


exactly what i needed. we need more stores here
anyway pm me plz


pm me please


No one sells his store in month and a half because he dont have time anymore. We are not that naive.


Interested please pm me details


please pm me the details


Serious buyer, fast transaction pm me name


pm name and IG handle please


Pm name and IG handle please. Tnx

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