Should we categorize the social media category?

Initially, we didn’t want to do this. But it seems that things are getting cluttered. So, my question is, should we start categorizing new listings?

We were thinking about opening four new categories:

  1. Fanpages
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. YouTube

What do you guys think? Yes/no?


Great move it would be.

But I’ll suggest categorizing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Pages in one category and YouTube Accounts in other category.

YouTube Listings are 10% of the total number of Social Media Listings here so they are vanished away and prospective new YouTube Accounts Buyers find it difficult to look for latest Listings.

Moreover, I’d like to suggest a special colour for each category. Quick searchers will find it easy to look for items in specific category.


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Yes please do this. Its so difficult finding the right stuff on here.

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Definitely Yes. It will make much easier to find for what are we looking for.

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Yes please.

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OK. It’s getting done as we speak. However, old listings will remain as they are, only new listings will be categorized into the new places.

And please categorize Buying Request also.
It may look like:
Buying YouTube Accounts
Buying Facebook Accounts
Buying Twitter Accounts
Buying Instagram Accounts
Buying Miscellaneous

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I am thinking that since things should be more organized now, the buyer requests should drop, no? I don’t really like that section, it seems it’s for lazy people :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, it would be great. :blush:

OK. I have opened sections for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Everything else like Reddit/Tumblr/Snapchat isn’t an issue yet, so it will still go into the main social media category


I think it would help people to find what they want faster. Yes!

This error when we click the new category.

Which category does that and what did you click?

I clicked all new categories and this message shows.

Please reset your browser, clear cache, etc. I’ve tested it on my end, works fine here.

Working now. Thanks

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Love this idea! Really wanted it to be implemented for a while now; not sure if I ever suggested it or not, I may have a while ago haha

can you have both, a main page but also have different categories just in case we wanted to search through them.

So let’s say someone posts a new Instagram sale it goes up on the main page but also would go under IG, and if we hit the IG tab it would show up there as well as the main page.

I believe that’s how it currently works, unless I missunderstood you.

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Oh Ok then yeah it’s a no-brainer to have categories for diff social media channels.

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