[Show] Account Snapchat show

Hello, I offer three Services. :relaxed:

:pushpin: :one:. I offer you a Panel to be able to create shows (only one available)

:pushpin: :two:. I can add your show to a panel, and you will be able to manage your show, the entry fees are set at $10,000 and the next two months, we will do 70/30 and then we will do 50/50.

:pushpin: :three:. I can sell you a certified Snapchat account, with the email of a representative who manages the shows, you will have to do a little work. Your Snapchat and your request will be accepted.

:bangbang: Thank you for respecting the conditions before sending me a message to avoid any loss of time. :bangbang:


(post deleted by author)

Is the panel still available?

interested, please pM

can you give me more info on option number 3