Snapchat Generic & Non-Generic Username Claims | $2000

Hey everyone!

I can claim your desired Snapchat username. After successfully completing a generic username claim for a business here on site, I’m here to offer this new service.

I exclusively work on strong cases only. A strong case would be that you are an influential creator or business who owns the desired username on other platforms or domains. No activity is needed on your own Snapchat account.

Please ensure that your Snapchat username fits all of the requirements listed below before we proceed.

I can also change a Snapchat username of an already verified account. You’ll keep the verification.

:moneybag: Pricing

  • Starting from $2K exclusive SWAPD Fees. Payment in USDT (ERC-20 & TRC-20), USDC

:memo: Requirements

  • Username must be inactive (I can also claim usernames that do not show as available but are not associated with any account).

:alarm_clock: Turnaround Time

  • Between 1 and 30 business days

:question: How To Get Started?

Please send me a message with the following details:

  • Your current Snapchat username.
  • Your desired Snapchat username.
  • Any additional social media networks where you have this username.
  • Email address linked to the current Snapchat account.



My client has been looking for a claim on Snapchat for years, and we were expecting a 30 day claim period, but to our pleasant surprise this was the fastest claim I have ever been a part of.

Request was accepted within minutes of its submission. You really outdid yourself with this service.

Very professional and will definitely be coming back with more clients in the near future.

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