Snapchat Pre-Verified

Pre-Verified Snapchat Pages - $5.000

  • Username, name and all additional information changeable
  • Original E-mail (OGE) Included
  • No number ever linked

Feel free to message me to ask anything about this.

Additional information

Gold star is shown EVERYWHERE.
On your profile, stories, when they search you. This means that it’s NOT done through the glitch.

I have a lot of vouches offsite, happy to start my journey on Swapd!

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BUMP - Can take the first verification case for $4000! :eyes:

Had a lot of people that asked me for a Pre-Verified for $5,000 including SWAPD fees. I’ve decided to give the first customer this price.

Who wants it? :dizzy:

Review your prices they are expensive.

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These are high tier accounts. Never used - freshly verified by rep. No point in commenting if you can’t afford it. Thank you!

Middle East?

BUMP - First customer discounts still available on both services! :dizzy:

Inbox if you are doing gold start verification on my snapchat profile

You can message me for requirements.

time ?


when was last time you verified an account ?

Last week.

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Bump, get your Snapchat Verifieds!

None of my accounts have ever been debadged for over 1.5 year :fire: