Snapchat Verification for EU Public Figures (No min. subscribers & 7 day TAT)

Service type: Verification
Price: 3500$ (ex fees)

I work directly with a Snapchat representative to quickly provide accounts the Snap Star Status. We managed to verify an account in just 30 minutes with only 700 subscribers.


  • Entertainers or musicians with big followings on Instagram or YouTube.
  • Public profile set up with confirmed location.
  • The associated email addresses.

1 to 7 business days.


Nice. GLWS!

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Thanks man! :slight_smile:

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Can you fulfill snapchat portal services for a talent agency?

The publisher portal?


Well I could pitch content and ask but our company didn’t had any cases yet for that. Feel free to send me your content and we maybe can set-up some kind of partnership.

Friendly bump.

Another verification delivered today for a client offsite :white_check_mark:

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