Soccer IG account 71.9K subs very active

Country of followers (majority): Indonesia is TOP
Amount of followers: 69k
Topic/Niche: soccer
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): organic

Description: very active account.

Price tag - $800

at 71.9 subs now

Send me link and stats please for the page.

Guys I need to make an update on this page…

for the promotion method, It also does seem to have been previously involved in engagement groups and as well as organic growth…

As far as for follow and unfollow methods im not 100 percent sure since i was not the previous owner, but this page is very active. you can request for an audit as well.

so far the page is at 70.6k and its still growing

im selling it because i can use this page for my desired niche.

let me know if anyone is still interested

Send me a link of the page please and stats.

its at 71.4k now… i promise you, this account is growing very fast. i havent posted in almost two weeks either… with out me doing anything this account is growing tremendously…

Only reason im selling is because soccer is not my niche… im into gaming, basketball or sports highlights niche and i dont want to post gaming content to jeopardize the page

if you are into dropshipping as well, now is the time to take it…

bumping this

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