Software / Web3 / Automation Development

Antarctic’s Development Service → Software, Web3, Automation & More
Who am I (Background / Experience)

  • Programmer with 8 years experience
  • I mainly write in GO, Python but can write in other languages if required such as V, Node, Java, etc.
  • Experience within pentesting, have worked with TikTok, Looksrare and more in finding security vulnerabilities
  • Experience within reverse engineering from pentesting, and sneaker + username sniping development.
  • Experience within automation from social media managemen automation (Instagram & twitter profile automation, etc.)
  • Experience within web3 from working with web3 automation bots, such as SwiftTech, NFTSensei & more.
  • Peviously the owner of one of the biggest Web3 Raffle Bots → Royal Whitelist

What I can work with / do

  • Reverse engineering of platforms, apps and websites.
  • Automation of platform, apps and websites
  • Pentesting (Ensure that what you are asking is legal)
  • Web3 development
  • Software development (Can work with CLI & GUI interfaces)

Payment Terms

  • Pricing varies based on your needs, I can provide a quote upon contact.
  • I only accept cryptocurrencies, such as ETH, BTC, and safe stablecoins (DAI, USDC, etc)
  • We deal on Swapd, and only Swapd.
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Can you help with SAAS projects?

Yes, I can do development and consulting. Done a lot of work with SAAS before.

Open for work!

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