[SOLD] 268k instagram [pets niche]


Property type: STAT Instagram
Amount of fans/followers: 268K
Price: Place an Offer


Description: I bought this account sometime ago and not in a mood to run it any longer as I have IRL work, Looking to sell this at a good price, It’s a good account geeting 4-8K Likes on each Post. Remember Pets niche is very tough to grow and hence has a good price, Post your Offers below The best one gets the account.

It has been losing some followers due to me being inactive. Once you start posting regularly you will surely see improvements in Engagement and Followers.


Topic approved, but not verified. Make sure to use https://checkout.swapd.co when you strike a deal.
Looks like a good property, you can PM me the link, also.

Good luck with sales.


Sent you the Link, Also proof of ownership. Still for sale, PM me for the username.


Proof of ownership won’t matter, as the property will have to go through our escrow (checkout) before any payment is issued.


Okay sir, Thanks for the Info.


Id be interested in price and URL


price and URL


Dm price and url


Pm’ed the usernames to people who requested. Still for sale!


pm url please


Pm price and username please!


Still for sale, Best offer takes it home!




$700 ??


Did you consider any offers yet? I am itching to buy this myself.


I’ll wait a few days more until i get a good offer if not I’ll contact you!


Thank you! This property looks good enough to list on our other website :slight_smile:


Pm me price and URL please




Thank you guys!