Sold - Animation Channel 16k+ Subs and 9 Million Views

Amount of subscribers: 16k+
Country of subscribers (majority): Brazil , United States, Indonesia
Topic/Niche: Animation/Entertainment
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): Only Organic

Selling my Animation channel.
Very rare. Genuine Content
Partnered with MCN. Can leave network anytime.
16k+ Active Subs
No copyright or guideline strikes
8,884,766 organic views
Makes around 100$ month

Payment Method BTC or Bank Transfer

Selling it as I dont have time to manage it haven’t uploaded for two month still getting 30k views a day.

Selling Price 1000


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please ca you dm the youtube channel link, thanks!

Dm link please!


still available.

Your price is pretty high for such a small channel. Doubt you’re going to find a buyer for that much.
Even though the channel is monetized, like you said, its an animation channel with actual unique content. Most people don’t know how to or aren’t willing to create that type of content so the niche is irrelevant to them.

I think it might be worth the price to someone who is in the animation niche, which might take you a while to find a buyer, but other than that, no.

Just my thoughts.

got an offer of 800 two days ago and 950 yesterday.

Targeted buyer who knows will buy it average views per day is 35k and it makes average 100 a month. Thanks

Yup, like I said, “targeted” buyer will. If they’re in the niche its probably a steal.

As to your offers you received, I’d take them. Knowing from my own experience, most people back out or decide they’re uninterested. $950 is only $50 less than 1k.

I had taken it guy started checkout yesterday and I asked him to hold. I had to contact MCN to unlink as some user dont know much about and get confused. Even contract has finished 2 days ago.

Link to channel please…