SOLD - please close thread

Still available, need gone today so taking the best offer

ca you show me please , i m very serious

Sent :slight_smile:

Can you please send me the handle too.

Sent handle to everyone, still available and need gone ASAP I don’t have time to keep growing it

is the page still available? username?

Sent you it /)

Price is updated, need it gone today

Still available!

Please send details, also what are powerlikes?

PM Name please. I’m interested

Url’s and prices… please

Sent all of you the handle :slight_smile:

where do i buy this ? ready to send money

@azporter - It seems you don’t understand how SWAPD works.

Step 1 – You first browse around our website and try to find a willing buyer/seller.
Step 2 – Once you find a willing person, you start a checkout ticket. Both parties join a checkout ticket and confirm the details of the transaction such as:

  • Account in question
  • Price
  • Method of payment

Step 3 – SWAPD team confirms everything including fees (we charge a small fee + money transfer fees) and set terms that all parties must agree to. Our company also audits (upon request) the properties sold/purchased within our network, to check for fake likes/followers/activity/etc.
Step 4 – Upon reaching a deal, both parties agree to directly forfeit the payment and the property to SWAPD.
Step 5 – We confirm the payment and secure the property.
Step 6 – Upon inspection and confirmation from all parties that everything is OK, we release the property and payment (minus our fee) to the rightful owners.

This is what an escrow (middleman) service looks like. Our team is here to make sure you don’t get cheated, and that the properties sold within our network are clean and free of any wrongdoings. To begin negotiations with the seller, simply send him a private message by clicking “PM User” under his post.

Please send me the URL! Thanks

Still available!

Can you send me the handle please

@MeG could you close this?