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If this the same property @anon56422811 was selling?

No, it’s not.

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No it’s not :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m interested. I have serious intentions

Hello. Was this already listed? Anyway, what is your idea of a ‘fair price’? Please give us a ball park figure of what you want for it so we’re not wasting our time.

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How much?

It was not already listed on SWAPD. We are roughly looking for a medium/high 5-digit sum, or best offer.

Thank you for all the great offers!
We’re currently at $45k. If you want to make a better offer, please be fast!

This is basically a disabled CMS and should not be allowed for sale? This has to be a joke. These go for sale for around $3000 > $7500 it is 1 step away from termination.

Please tell me this is a joke.


That’s just not true. This is a “partner CMS”, which was automatically created back in 2010 (just like it was for most YouTube partners back then). That’s why one can only invite unmonetized channels, but it has never been “punished” by disabling these features.

Care to elaborate further?

I would also appreciate it hearing more than just allegations.

@CREATIVEIV, didn’t you also make an (almost) 5-digit offer for this property? (You did)

I can buy for $10000 because this CMS lost many features

Please check msg!

Can you please elaborate?

I am interested in buying the account. Whats the price?

I offered a 5 digit offer, I know the value of CMS accounts as I’ve sold over 5 in the last year. This is a disabled CMS and someone trying to scam someone.

I’d be able to get some features back through my partner manager at Google however, anyone else buying this without a partner manager will get terminated.

@JGYM - Care to comment on this?