Country of followers (majority): India, USA
Amount of followers: 43300
Topic/Niche: Viral Videos/Memes
Does it include the OG (original) email?: Yes
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic, S4S, Engagement Networks

Huge Oportunity

43000 Real and Active Followers

OG email is included

Page started on March 3, 2017

8.75% Engagement Rate. This page has dozens of videos with over 100K+ views

This page is in 15+ active Instagram Engagement groups, this has a huge potential because you can use it to boost your posts on this and other pages and hit the explore page much easier.

In these groups there are a lot of pages with 100K+ followers, people would pay just to join the group

If you want to keep growing this page you can post viral videos or memes, both work really well.

I deliver and respond quickly

-Made about $300 in promotions in the past. If you scroll down you will see some promotions in the captions, especially for an app which we made promotions for months.

-This page is great to promote a Dropshipping/E-Commerce shop

-You can sell access to the engagement groups.

-Sell shoutouts to brands

-If you have time you can just grow and sell it when it is at 100k,200k,300k…

-If this is your second time buying from me you will get a 10% discount

-If this is your third time buying from me you will get a 15% discount

-If you have bought more than 3 pages from me you will always get a 20% discount

If you want to buy a page in a specific niche I can get you a great deal in a few days.
Just send me a PM with the niche that you are looking for, your budget and some specifications if you want.

Every week I get new Instagram pages so if you are a good buyer we can make great businesses together :slight_smile:

Handle and prive please.

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Handle and price please

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pmed you have a couple thing i would like to talk to you about :slight_smile:

Please pm me the handle!

Handle and more analytics please

Handle please

Send handle pls

Can you share the handle please?

Sent :slight_smile:

Sold off site