Sold sslala

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interested, send me the price you want

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Looking for best offer. Thanks!

If Cristiano’s team contacts TikTok, they would get the handle @cristiano for him without him having to pay.

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I don’t think so, as account is active, doesn’t matter what he wants

Doesn’t matter if it’s active. I’ve seen it happen many times when A list celebs join a platform. Your handle would get renamed 100%.


The same way they will get sued for renaming an active name that doesn’t impersonate Cristiano Ronaldo as a individual. I’ve never seen any active tiktok account getting renamed that matches it’s own person.

I have claimed the active handles many times trust me I have done this :smiling_face_with_tear:

Read the Terms of Service of TikTok. You don’t own your handle, they do. Believe me reps that work with A list celebs would just take your handle without asking you.


Adele took @Adele from me on Twitter a while back when she joined

It’s possible he can get an active handle on TikTok. I’ve seen it go both ways


I confirmed :+1:

Well I have this for over a year now, it was never impersionated by Cristiano, so its interesting to see if they could actually claim it without getting sued

Btw I had @chain for while back and it was claimed by one of the user even it was active no it don’t matter G