SOLUTION OF "LIMITED ORIGINALITY OF CONTENT". Turn your red demonetized page into Green (Monetized) again!

So it’s like everyone here is facing “Limited Originality of Content” all of you are finding the solution to this flag.


It usually occurs whenever you upload a video of other pages to your pages without meaningful
enhancements (editing) i.e commentary, music, characterization etc.

If this flag occurs on a page which is not yet signed up for monetization, that page can not be monetized then unless the flag lifts off. If this flag occurs on a monetized page, Facebook could demonetize the page or give a yellow warning to the page that you may get demonetized if you do
it again (however you can still earn from that page)


Well, On appealing to Facebook. You guys may received a response from Facebook stating “Your page is currently eligible for monetization”. Well they are right. Your pages are eligible but can’t signup due to that flag.

Let me tell you what I and my partner did on our pages recently.

We deleted each and every video on our page.
Literally all videos deleted. Because I remember we appealed to FB one time and in response FB said, “It will be removed once it is self corrected”.
The self corrected means. We correct our
mistakes by deleting the videos which we taken from the other pages. Since we didn’t know that which video got affected. We deleted all our videos just to take no risks. After deleting the
videos. We didn’t posted anything on the page.
We literally forgot that we had those pages.
Finally after 14-21 days, we got the pages



If you know those specific videos which you have taken from other pages. Just delete them. And wait for 14-21 days. It will automatically lift off the flag and your page becomes Green for monetization. Don’t appeal. Don’t pay anyone to solve it, Don’t cry, Don’t panic, Don’t blame Facebook for this. Just try this and thank me later :wink:



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For those who have never uploaded a single video on their pages but their pages are already demonetized without any reason:

If you can be relatable to the case above, then post 1 original video 3 minutes+ ( not copied from any other page ) for 7 to 10 days.

One video each day. And within 14 to 21 days your page will be monetised again!

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You’re on fire.

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WHAT IF red for community standards…

fact checks,
not talking about copyright though…

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I think reports and copyrighted one can be fixed via same method if you delete all the content from the page.

I haven’t tried that pages that’s why I haven’t talked about them.

Yeah man, have nothing to work on these days :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol mate the topic copied ?? :joy::joy::joy:

Never worked for me also if you got copyright strike on a video, the video is already deleted.

Nice write up, @FaadixD. Can anyone confirmt that this works?

Anyone here had this issue just by posting links?

Yes this happens with links or even just pictures too. Read my first comment on this topic for the solution.

Can someone please confirm that just expiring the problematic videos is not enough and one must delete them permanently?

Did someone manage to reinstate their page status to green by just expiring videos?

Any feedback on this will be greatly appreciated!

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I guess expiring doesn’t help in this matter.
You have to delete them permanently!

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Thank you.

I would guess the same, but did someone here test this part (or verify it against the support) and can confirm?

A few of my pages went green on their own but some are still yellow. Anyone else?

you have to contact facebook. i got 2 pages that i post the same videos. the first one i post video first is all green. the second one has limited on it. contact fb and explain them if you post on same content on different pages you own

Did you manage to contact them and not get the same automatic replies every time?