[SOLVED] Marked as read!


you guys should that option


What exactly do you mean? If you mean a thread getting marked as already viewed, then we already have that, as seen here: https://gyazo.com/bbf70d18ee67cff4f8cdcf9dc1c60bb6

When you read through a thread it greys out until a new reply made on it.


i just meant make it so we can clear all unread items easily without going through them one by one


It’s pretty easy if you just hold “CTRL” and then left click all the threads to open them up in new tabs.


There are options for that in those links your pointed to:


You can dismiss new/read.


never noticed that there
thanks Swapd


Yeah we should probably move that to the top, to be honest.


Never knew that existed either :joy:


Worst mod ever!!! Dis place sux. By scammers.