Solving facebook 0 reach page issue

Finally, after months of trying dozens of methods to restoring reach to blocked facebook pages, I’ve found a solution to it. I’ve restored 5 of my pages from 0 reach.

The whole process takes 15 days. No more, no less. Actions include deleting posts and other, censuring admin to not undertaking certain actions during the whole procedure.

After 15 days reach is restored permanently. Client can ask for a several days guarantee period during which payment can be held by swapd admins.

For pages up to 200k - 300$
From 200k to 500k - 500$
500k to infinite - 700$

Can you explain what reach is 0 reach? Is it quite literally 0 reach? I have a page with 350k fans, it was getting great reach and now it’s around 5k

It is literally 0 reach. It blocks reach on photos, videos and links.
Page is completely hidden from news feed distribution.

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