Somebody teach me

I am terrible at growing Facebook pages. I need somebody to teach me.


Choose a niche.

Post on your page at every hour Photos and Videos, and share them in groups on your niche.

Photos should be 1080x1080 and must have the description written on them.
Example of photos:

Videos should be 1080x1080 and you should create a very attracting thumbnail with title of video written on it.
Examples of thumbnails:

For posting in groups you should have some fb accounts verified by phone, and if the accounts are fake and not used before you should warm them few weeks (there are info about how to warm accounts before to post in groups). Search for the biggest groups, with minimum 50k members.

Do not post articles before you have at least 50K fans.

I got 150k fans in 3-4 months (USA, UK, Canada, Australia…), then I posted only photos and articles, 30 minutes per day job. Now I have 233K fans, 7M reach, Instant Articles… easy money.

I hope it helps.
Good luck.

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Thank you for the tips I really appreciate it

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