Sport Trading turn over profit system using AI. Only 25 Slots Available

Service type: Sport Trading Mentorship
Price: $500- $1000


The Sport betting market, which is as big as the forex, cryptocurrency, and stock markets, is a billion dollar industry.

I am looking to reveal to only 25 persons, a profitable system that will let anyone to make at least 50 percent daily profit by involving in sport betting trades.

With this system you CANNOT loose your money, You can loose some bets but you are guaranteed to win more bets than you loose thereby always ending up in profit.

The underlying processes of sport betting is all mathematics, The sporting events are just the clothing.

The odds selections are based on mathematical calculations.
What 90 percent of people that involve in sport betting don’t know is that The bookies have done a greater part of the job for them to win.

This system rides on the wave of the same mathematics the bookies use to select the odds to make wins. No need to check the sporting events, no need for team statistics like form, injuries etc, the bookies have done all that before tagging odds to each betting market.

Our system just picks a certain range of odds in a certain bet option and bets using a specific strategy.


We are developing this system into an AI tool which will make it even more efficient and extend into more options. We are selling this system exclusively under swapd mentorship program to just 25 persons to support funding needed to Develop this system into an AI tool.

When completed, we will be launching it based on a Saas model and offering access to the system on a subscription basis.

The 25 persons that buys in now will

  1. Understand the manual principles of how the system works and can use that knowledge anyhow they want.

  2. Earn a lifetime license to use the AI version when completed and fully launched.

  3. Get Partner Status and earn a very minor percentage of revenue generated through the project lifetime.

  4. Receive some airdrop of the cryptocurrency token created to be the only payment option that will be available to be able to use the AI system when launched.

Price for the First 5 tickets started for this mentorship program is $500
And then $1000 for the next 20 tickets after that and this sales thread will be closed.

Mentoring will be done via messaging for 3 days.


If you purchase this mentorship , you will get the below FREE OF CHARGE as bonus for added value.

DM to start a ticket if interested.

Interested, but is there any guarantee?

The system is producing better result than ever, you can get consistent 100% profits.

you have 10 days to test it out during the ticket.

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What happens if I am not profitable during the 10 days, do I get a refund?

Yes ofcourse, if you follow the guide accordingly and provide proof that you have.

Im interested

3 ongoing tickets onsite.

2 slots left for the $500 review slots.

Our sport trading system with AI will let you beat the bookies using their own maths.
DM to start a ticket.


Screenshot (191)

No other system does it better. only 1 slot left for $500 review.

This system is an absolute game changer that will let you milk the bookies using their own maths.
Limited slots available.

So far 10 days in I have profited about 1400 credits on my practice account. I also started with my own live account and so far in profit.

Screenshot (192)a

works like a charm but it is all in the mathematics.

You do not need bother with any statistics, follow the bookies odds no matter what game is playing

The mentorship reveals a unique odds selection criteria,

For instance,
if you back a home team odd of 1.05 to win a game.

at least 7-8 times out of 10 your prediction will be right, no matter what team is playing.

Can you be wrong sometimes ?


But with a staking sequence strategy revealed in the mentorship, you recover losses that you incur when you loose a bet ticket and still come out profitable.

If you want to beat the bookies at their own game, you need this mentorship. This strategy is second to none and gets even better as our AI develops.

is this still working ?


Here is todays games already. 100+ percent profit bagged.

Screenshot (194)a


MATHS will always work as long as you have the working formulae.

Get the BOOKIES SLAYER Mentorship now

Only one $500 review slot left. Price goes up to $1000 after this

4 tickets done onsite.


Screenshot (207)aa
400% Turn over profit within 24 hours.

SLAY THE BOOKIES with this amazing sport trading system.

Vouches would be great from those tickets

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Screenshot (207)aa
400% turnover yesterday.

Screenshot (209)a
Screenshot (213)ab

300% already today using two different sport books.

There is one on the thread, statistically not every buyer can leave a review for whatever reasons.

System works amazing as stated.

Mentorship is worth it I made my money back