Starting May 1st, checking for OG emails will be the buyers responsibility. This includes all platforms!

You should review this or that.

Here’s a suggestion from my end:
A video about securing accounts, gmail,and proton mail as well.

Some buyers have no idea about securing accounts properly.
This would be helpful for them.


this is sucks right now
blame on insta what they are doing

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would the welcome email from Instagram be sufficient?

But i am still getting the signup mail in account activity option without downloaded any data

Just after Instagram account created , showing the sign-up

Not all accounts has lost access to it just yet. But more and more are losing access to the easy-to-access account data.

does this only apply to instagram or twitter too?

so I understand that from now, when I sell the account without oge, I will have to wait longer for the money and the process is longer / restrictive, right?

If you do not provide OG mail then checks for mails will not need to be done, so deal would be faster.

Simple answer:
Instgaram removing options:

settings>security>acces date> previous males.

now is:

settings>security>download date

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The way you can prevent oge email being used is removing the previous device fully from the account once done the new details shall be registered and also make the new device the trusted device. Should do the job.

More about it?
Step by step what you do?

First you change email then change password. Then change mail again. Once that’s done you then go to saved login turn it off then on again. Then you go to login activity remove all previous locations and accept the new one that you logged into.

Then you remove the 2fa then change it to your details also. Turn it off again and then do that process of 2fa again then it should remove previous owner even if they have og to request a pull back as it shall say device not recognised.

They can still regain if they have a media portal or pay someone though so keep that in mind.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the informatioms
Thats for insta right?

Yes that’s correct.

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Can they request it back from media portal if the account gets verified(blue tick) after the account transfer ?


Settings > your activity > account history you can still check for oge

Hope this help @Swapd

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I think someone mentioned this before but with Instagram, you can still check for OGE without downloading the data once you navigate to this URL (when logged in):

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It doesn’t show OGE (If i’m correct) just you changed your email address to:

Buyers should use this link to check OGEs, I’ve checked a few mins ago and it works.

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