Starting today, Instagram transfers will take seven full days, just like YouTube

We didn’t discuss this issue yet with our members, but IG rolled this new rule out a few weeks (months?) ago. Mainly, new owners cannot change phone numbers for 6-7 days. In most tickets, sellers understand that. However, due to an influx of impatient sellers we’re now officially making it a rule.

@Administrators and @moderators! Update your transfer notes.

That is all, thank you for reading.



  • The grace period will be waived since buyers will have seven full days to glance over the account
  • The buyers can post a few test posts, but don’t go overboard
  • The buyers cannot make significant changes to the account during this duration
  • The buyers are responsible for the account when it’s under their control

I think is great idea

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For anyone that wants to change the phone number without having to wait, the seller can add the new phone number as two factor authentication and it’ll be changed in the profile as well


that’s exactly it @Petrecocos you can do that with no wait time at all still by doing that

So that would mean we’re out of the transfer equation as staff, yes? Because it would be pointless to get us involved.

Only the phone number is problematic. You can still change the password and send it to the buyer

@swapd how would this change anything? you still have the credentials and the money of both parties, the only difference is the seller changes the phone number to the buyer’s phone number right after the buyer’s deposit but before sending you the credentials.

The phone number can be changed even after sending the credentials

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right exactly @Petrecocos

We will run some tests in the upcoming days. Thank you.


Well, so far, out of two tried tickets, the seller wasn’t able to add the buyer’s phone (no codes sent).

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Did he try adding his phone no as 2 factor authentication?

In one ticket, yes.

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Has this been sorted out or resolved?

No. We have one IG account that’s going on for 10 days now, buyer still can’t change the info :frowning: